2014 Obituaries

This list is provided as a record of people who have grown up, lived, worked or were otherwise a part of the Albany community. If you know of someone who should be on this list, please contact us with their information.

Marilyn Cecilia Ward Blackburn
Former resident

Russell Clay Brush
Born in Albany in 1962

William C. (“Bill”) Cain
Former mayor and member of the Board of Education, East Bay MUD engineer

Caroline Rose Motta Camozzi
Albany High Class of 1954, West Contra Costa teacher

Marilyn Chamberlain
Marin and Cornell teacher, music-lover, and volunteer

Michael John Coggiola
Born in Albany, Albany High Class of 1965

Leah Kellogg Dobyne
Attended Albany High about 1950

Jeff Eichner
Albany High Class of 1953, father of two Albany High graduates

Robert Fischer
WW II veteran and Lawrence Berkeley Lab employee

C. Errol “Bud” Fletcher
Albany resident since 1929, Albany High Class of 1939

Steven R ( “Steve” ) Foss
Albany Police Officer

Anthony ( “Tony” ) Garrett
Viet Nam veteran, motorcycle rider, and Albany High class of 1964

Elizabeth Hoggatt
Albany resident since 1965

Hal Hoffman
Solano Avenue notary and Realtor

Robert Leroy Kaiser
Gardener, cat-lover, and Albany resident

Helen Geurts Jenssen Guay Kalantar
Albany High Class of 1938, real estate professional

Marjorie Pfister Keck
Volunteer for PTA, schools, and the Y , she hosted two AFS exchange students

Vivian G Madrid
Mother, gardener, and telephone operator

Lorand Manhart
Skier, chemist, and Ordway resident

Masami Mayeda
Army veteran, landscape gardener

Jules Frederick Mayer
Former Chairman of the Board of the Berkeley-Albany Y

Clyde McAdams
Born in Albany in 1938

Allan ( “Bill”) Moore
Founder and CEO of sign company

Billy Ray Moore
Albany resident

Arthur Jack (“Butch”) Pagliero, Jr
Born in Albany, part owner of TEPCO porcelain china ware

Patricia L Papachristos
Born in Albany

Clay E Pardo
Long-time resident

Felix Rivera
Professor, bonsai-lover, and author

Estaleen Rossi
Crossing guard for 35 years

Marilyn Dewey Sharp
Albany High Class of 1947/48

William ( Bill) Souza, Jr.
Born in Albany in 1939

Nadine Starbuck
Long-time resident

Christine Smith Stone
Life-long resident, Albany High Class of 1962

Peggy Thomsen
Mayor and former member of the Board of Education, teacher and volunteer

George Yoshida
Berkeley teacher and Vice-Principal, yoga and tai-chi instructor

Ching (“Mike”) Yu
Jackson Street resident