2015 Obituaries

This list is provided as a record of people who have grown up, lived, worked or were otherwise a part of the Albany community. If you know of someone who should be on this list, please contact us with their information.

Annette Allen
Retired AMS Counselor and teacher

Diane Head Alvarado
Born in Albany in 1940

Dr. Raymond Arnold
Albany High Class of 1938

Andrew Bell
Attended Albany High through 1977

Audrey Ann Westfall Berry
Served 18 years on City of Albany Planning Commission

Corinne McKenna Brennan
Volunteer at Albany Senior Center

Ellene Brodie
Long-time resident & Member, Albany United Methodist Church

Richard Burns
Former Albany Police Officer

Irene Navarro Carter
Resident of Albany

Ida Ann Graber Castro
Albany High Class of 1957

Daisy Klobas Cernak
Albany high Class of 1940

Barbara Mary Biagi Chapman
Albany High Class of 1961

David Clement
Rotarian & Little League volunteer – Operated Albany Physical Therapy

Stephen R. Compton
resident for 25 years

Richard Courtney
Albany Fire Department

Albert Cristiani
Albany resident

Loette Fletcher
Long-time resident and volunteer for PTA and American Field Service

Louise Josephine Greco Focht
Lived in Albany 40 years, mother and grandmother of Albany High grads

Richard Francisco
Born in Albany in 1935

Ruth Ganong
Former Mayor and Former Member , Board of Education

Virginia Gardner
Former resident and mother of three Albany High grads

Sharyl Gates
Art Teacher

Betty J Gaunt – Ferreira
Former resident and mother of four Albany High grads

Donald Gehb
Albany High Class of 1949

Barbara Lenes Goldman
Albany High Class of 1949

Arnold E Guasco
resident for 50 years

Lesa Joy White Hall
Born in Albany in 1953

Jeanette Norma Peterson Hurley
Albany High Class of 1944

Terrence J. (“Terry”) Hurley
Albany High Class of 1967

John George Jurivich
Albany High Class of 1956, taught at Shasta Community College

Yoko Jung
Sonoma Avenue resident

Ruth Peterson Klobas
Attended Albany High , mother of three Albany High grads

David Luis Knops
Owner, Knops Upholstery Shop

Nanette Longmire
Born in Albany in 1939

Royal (“Gus”) Luty
Proud veteran

Thomas L. McDaniel, Jr.
Born in Albany in 1951

Phyllis Elsie McWilliams
Loved to swim, active with Girl Scouts and PTA

Mark Jonathan Mohr
Attended Albany High School 1961- 1964

David Nason
Albany High Class of 1975

Elmer “Pat” Neylon
Co Owner, Mary & Joe’s Sporting Goods

Paul O’Curry
Poetry lover

Theodore Kiyoshi Ono
Member, Albany Kiwanis

Miko Pantoja
Albany High Class of 2015

Sarah Wintriss Pichler
Resource Aide and Workability Coordinator – AUSD

Luis Diaz Porras
Albany Resident

Ray Heinz Redel
Property owner and former Gateview Ave resident

William Orvis (“Bill”) Reed
Class of 1942, St. Mary’s College High School, and Ramona Ave resident

Alan Riffer
Member Library Board, AUSD Board of Education , Albany Chamber of Commerce and Albany Education Foundation

Wayne Rose
Albany High class of 1967

Elaine Emiko Sato
Co-Owner, Solano Jewelers

Tsutomu (“Tut”) Sumimoto
Long-time Portland Ave resident, father of two Albany High Grads

Darlene Gregg Taylor
Born in Albany in 1937

Duane Nels Thompson
Retired tool & die maker, inventor, golfer, and book lover

John Thomsen
Retired Albany High teacher

Dan Lester Turley
Born in Albany in 1942

Allison Van Norman
Marin School parent

Diane Arita Wise
Albany High Class of 1973

John Wise
Enjoyed motorcycles, fishing, and gold mining

Lynn Wissler
Registered nurse, book and dog lover

Helene Brazil Wulbern
Born in Albany in 1921, Albany High Class of 1939