2021 Obituaries

This list is provided as a record of people who have grown up, lived, worked or were otherwise a part of the Albany community. If you know of someone who should be on this list, please contact us with their information.

Sara Frances Accornero
Born in Albany

Robert ( “Bob”) Andresen
Moved to Belmont Village in retirement

Thomas Bell
Born in Albany in 1939

Richard W Bolen
Albany High Class of 1958, Worked at Albany Theater

Jeremy Britton
Attended Albany and MacGregor High Schools until 1998

Mario Camilli
Albany High Class of 1964

Janice Ann Zavatarro Catalano
Attended Albany High in the 1950s

Doris Chambers
Secretary – Jerome Blank Realty, AUSD Adult Education

Don Chelemedos
Golfer, Albany High Class of 1980

Carol Coates Copeland
Moved to Belmont Village in retirement

Jack Elwood Corey
Resident 1927 – 1938

Helen Grace Grossman
AUSD teacher and Reading Specialist for over 25 years

Maureen Virginia Hurley Guitron
Albany High Class of 1971, former resident of Portland Avenue

Beverley Lombard Foster
Albany High Class of 1948

Thomas Francis Heafey
Ordway Street resident 1934 – 1953

Eugene Charles (“Gene”) Hellwig
Born at 1235 Marin. Albany High Class of 1943, long time resident

Kay Kajiwara
Landscape architect, Porsche driver, and Beethoven fan

Dennis Kaneshiro
Accountant, school supporter

Dixie Lewis
Albany – Berkeley Girls’ Softball player and Assistant Coach at Albany High

Hilda Luty
Jackson Street resident since 1963, retired from AUSD Children’s Center

Janice White Marengo
Albany High Class of 1951, Albany resident until 1959

Steve Margulis
Former Evelyn Ave resident, Former volunteer and Board Member, Friends of the Albany Library

Thomas J (“Mac”) McIntosh
Albany Attorney Foley McIntosh 1966 – 2012

Linda Luna Muir
Born in Albany in 1943

Larry Murdo
Retired Police Chief, Albany High Class of 1966

Ralph Norman Newton
Navy Veteran of the Korean War, Albany High Class of 1951

Denise Perrier
Well-known jazz singer, Albany High Class of 1956

Roberta Jane “Bertie” Dobson Parry
Lived in Albany during 1930s and 40s

John Milton Randall
Retired after a 23 year career as a Research Chemical Engineer at USA Lab

Arlene Murison Robins
Grew up on Cornell Ave, Albany High Class of 1952

Ardis ( “Ardie”) Marinovich Scollin
Albany resident 1942 – 1972, Retired from USDA lab

Stefanie “Steffi ” Gruber Oliver Silvia
Died in Albany Sept 29th

Brian Alan Smith
Life long resident

John Carroll (“Jack”) Smith
Albany High Class of 1943, Former resident

Peggy Moorhead Sylvester
Born in Albany in 1933

Theodore Tronoff
Albany resident in 1930s

Peter William Tunney
Retired General Manager Golden Gate Fields, where he worked for over 30 years

William Victor Young
Born in Albany in 1937, Grew up @ 622 San Carlos, Albany High Class of 1955

Eleanor Pearce Clark Westbrooke
Mother of 8, Albany resident for 60 years, former teachers’ assistant at Cornell School

Mary Lou Dye White
Born in Albany in 1938